Despite what you may have heard or think, the rumor about SBA loans taking forever to close isn’t true! It’s possible certain things can slow down the process, but with adequate preparation, the loan process can move much more quickly.

Speaking of slowing things down, it’s not uncommon for borrowers to mix up their personal financial information with that of the business, which not only confuses the matter, it slows the loan process down significantly. Another area that could trip things up is when a business owner isn’t familiar with finance terms, and mistakenly inputs incorrect information or has information miscategorized or wrong. Again, with proper preparation (we can help you) these kinds of problems can be mitigated to speed up the loan process considerably.

On average, the SBA loans take around 30–45 days from the time you file an application to funding of the loan. Approval time can take anywhere from 1–6 months, mainly because the 504 lending program is a dual-approval loan involving both a CDC and the SBA. This means there are more variables to consider, and the timeline relies heavily on the borrower and their specific needs.

The more exact and correct you can be in your preliminary applications, the better chance you have of getting a faster response from the SBA.

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