SBA 504 Loan

Your Ongoing Partner

Unlike some organizations, we won’t step away once your funding is in hand. We’re committed to remaining your partner through the life of your loan as your business grows. Please contact us with questions, concerns or feedback. Together, we’ll find a solution.

We Recognize Your Business Needs Evolve

For many business owners, the 504 loan works so well that it becomes their financing vehicle of choice. BFC frequently provides multiple loans to businesses as they continue to grow over time. We take pride in watching our clients’ businesses expand and in supporting their ongoing financing needs.

We remain committed to providing outstanding service and expertise as your business needs evolve. Contact us at any time to talk about how we can help with additional financing.

Pay Off My Loan

Prepayments on SBA-504 loans are made on a monthly basis. If you wish to pay your outstanding loan balance, you need to contact BFC in writing outlining your request. BFC requires 15 days written notice from the borrower to establish a payoff date; prepayments are only accepted on the 3rd Thursday of each month.

Please provide the following information in your written notice to BFC:

  • Month and date the loan is to be paid off (a 3rd Thursday)
  • SBA loan number(s) and property address
  • Your contact information, including phone number, email address and/or fax number
  • New mailing address if you will be moving from the property address referenced above
  • Escrow or Bank contact information, if applicable
  • Your signature and date signed

Please send your completed form to:

We do recommend that you contact BFC to confirm receipt of your written notice of intent to pay off your loan.