SBA 504 Loan Calculator

Calculate your estimated monthly and annual loan payments for a Small Business Loan (SBA 504 loan).

To help you better understand how the SBA 504 Loan works and provide you with an estimate, simply enter the Estimated Project Cost (the loan amount that you are either offered or seeking), Bank Loan Term (the repayment term in years) and the Current Bank Interest Rate. The interest rate on your SBA 504 Loan varies based on the lender and your qualifications and the SBA sets a maximum for each of their loan programs based on the term of the loan.

The below estimator will help you better determine your monthly loan payment for a SBA 504 small business loan.

How is the SBA 504 Loan structured?

Business Finance Capital (BFC) partners with lenders to provide up to 90 percent financing in total to businesses for the purchase of owner-occupied commercial real estate and equipment. BFC provides up to 40-percent of the financing and the lender typically provides 50-percent. Business owners pay as little as 10-percent down.

How are Effective Interest Rates Decided?

Effective interest rates are calculated by Wells Fargo Corporate Trust Services after receipt of debenture pricing provided by the DCF LLC Fiscal Agent every month. Wells Fargo Corporate Trust Services provides the Effective Rates each month. We post the latest rates each month on our homepage at

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