Our Experience in Commercial Real Estate

The Business Finance Capital (BFC) team is a trusted partner to top Commercial Real Estate Developers and some of the largest Industrial Real Estate Developers. We provide marketing services for future projects and financing options for end-users interested in investments in Commercial Real Estate. 

Our vision is to foster dynamic economic growth within the Californian community. 

Here’s how:

  • We connect business owners in need of workspaces with real estate owners (commercial and industrial), operators, and developers.
  • We facilitate smooth and hassle-free negotiations and sales between both parties.
  • We deal in all kinds of properties, including office buildings, brick and mortar stores, apartments, hotels, etc. 

How We Help our Buyers and CRE Developers:

As a Certified Development Company (CDC), we have a vast network of real estate agents, investors, and buyers. Our network empowers us to assist buyers, irrespective of the size of their investment needs. 

Furthermore, we help businesses understand how SBA Commercial Real Estate Loans function in California. We help simplify overwhelming, lengthy, and tedious procedures, making them smooth and seamless. We also facilitate the loan accessibility process by helping end-users structure their loans with a better understanding of SBA Commercial Real Estate Loan calculators.

Partnering with BFC ensures that prospective buyers have a significantly higher chance of fulfilling SBA loan requirements for commercial properties, which facilitates higher purchasing power.

The financing provided by these loans acts as a catalyst, ensuring the success of both buyers and CRE Developers.

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