SBA 504 Loan Eligibility


The 504 loan serves numerous expanding small to mid-sized businesses. It is available to individual business owners or multiple owners partnering on a project.

Kinds of Businesses Served (SBA 504 Loans)

Auto and motorcycle dealerships
Auto repair shops
Car washes
Childcare centers
Dental offices
Distribution centers
Heating and mechanical contractors
Hotels and motels
Internet companies
Law offices
Medical offices
Restaurants and food service companies
Retail and wholesale companies
Veterinary offices


Answer these questions to find out if your business is eligible:

  • Are you a for-profit business?
  • Has your average net profit after taxes been less than $5 million during the previous two year’s tax returns?
  • Will this loan be used to finance the acquisition, construction or renovation of real estate or the purchase of equipment?
  • If the loan is used to purchase a building, will your business occupy at least 51% of the space?
  • If the loan will be used for ground-up construction, will your business occupy at least 60% of the building now and 80% long-term?
  • All owners of 20% or more of your business, and a real estate holding company if it is formed, must be willing to guarantee the loan.

If you answered YES to all of these questions, you are likely eligible for a 504 loan. Contact one of our loan experts to get started!