If you are a small business owner feeling the weight of a financial burden on your real estate loan, you can get help through the SBA 504 refinance.

What is It?

The Small Business Administration or SBA 504 Loan Refinance Program is a loan restructuring system designed to help business owners refinance existing debt with significant savings. This is made possible by applying lower fixed rate solutions to loans instead of adjustable, a high-rate system.

What’s in It for You?

The program offers 504 loan rates that are easier for business owners who need a lighter structure to pay their real estate loans. With the SBA 504 refinance scheme, business owners can save and channel funds to their business to help it grow.

SBA refinance loan is a helpful tool to give them room to operate their business without the limiting effects of paying heavy rates and terms. Applying for an SBA loan to refinance commercial real estate is a sound business move, especially when you want to manage and maximize your cash flow.

With this straightforward and supportive system, benefits like consolidating and paying off existing loans at a lower, fixed rate not only impacts a business, but also has far reaching effects in helping the local economy’s growth and sustaining it.

Can You Refinance a 504 Loan?

Yes, as long as the requirements are complied with. Let’s get to know